Crag and tail features, Amundsen Gulf, Canadian Arctic Archipelago


Palaeo-ice streams existed in many marine channels of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago (e.g. Clark & Stokes 2001; Stokes et al. 2006; MacLean et al. 2010, 2015). These include Amundsen Gulf at the southwestern end of the Northwest Passage, where multibeam imagery has revealed a variety of subglacial features (Stokes et al. 2006; MacLean et al. 2012, 2015) (Fig. 1a, b). Six or more stacked ice-contact deposits in NW Amundsen Gulf indicate successive advances of a grounded ice stream from a pinning point on the rocky shallow seabed south of Banks Island. Stokes et al. (2006) also considered this to be a pinning point for the ice stream. Further evidence of the dynamic nature of glacial events in Amundsen Gulf is provided by Batchelor et al. (2014), who recognized sediment sequences deposited by eight individual Amundsen Gulf ice streams or readvances of the same ice stream in the outer gulf and on the Beaufort Shelf.


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