This fact sheet explores whether Coös youths’ mentor experiences and their academic attitudes and well-being are linked. Authors Kent Scovill and Corinna Jenkins Tucker analyze data from the Coös Youth Study collected in 2008, focusing on seventh and eleventh grade students from all public schools in Coös County, New Hampshire.

Of the Coös youth surveyed, 82 percent with a mentor relationship reported believing that they were likely to graduate college, compared to 72 percent of those without a mentor, and 63 percent of Coös youth with a mentor agreed that they could do anything they set their minds to, while 53 percent of youth without a mentor agreed. The authors conclude that, given the benefits of mentor relationships for youth, increased efforts should be made in Coös County to promote and increase the longevity of mentor relationships either informally or through established mentoring programs like Big Brother/Big Sister.

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New Hampshire and New England Fact Sheet No. 9


Durham, N.H. : Carsey Institute, University of New Hampshire

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