Irma G. Bowen Historic Clothing Collection


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Women's costume accessories; Worn costume accessories; Headgear


Metal, paper, linen, wire, garnet or glass


19th century. Traditional bonnet known as a Goldhaube or “gold cap,” common to Osnabrück, Westphalia in Germany, assembled from bands of lace made of gold-toned metal strips and mounted on linen. One short and one long band of metal lace 7.6 cm / 3 in. wide are sewn together edge to edge with the shorter band centered on the long band and laid smoothly back to form the crown. The longer band is crimped into ruffles that flare gently outward to form the brim and extends to wrap around the bottom edge of the crown to meet at the center back. The brim is further framed with linen lace, supported with linen-wrapped wire shaped into loops. The back of the crown is laid with thin strips of flat foil and embellished with padded embroidery using metallic thread over paper, sequins, and either garnets or glass. Broad purple and green silk brocade ribbons woven with silver form many-lobed bows at the nape. Hand-sewn.


Depth: 7.6 cm / 3 in. (depth of brim)
Depth: 7.6 cm / 3 in. (depth of crown)
Height: 14 cm / 5.5 in. (height of crown)


Gift of Dr. Esther Lucille Brown

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University of New Hampshire Library


Astrida Schaeffer, photographer/curator

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Photography copyright, Astrida Schaeffer.


Women’s garments, Accessories worn, Head, Headgear, Hats, Bonnets (hats), Goldhaube, Riegelhaube, Bodenhaube, 19th century, Westphalia, Germany, Brim, Crown (hat component), Ruffle, Metal thread, Foil (metal by form), Linen (material), Silk (textile), Ribbon, Lace (needlework), Silver, Garnet (mineral), Glass, Paper, Wire, Gold (color), Purple (color), Green (color), Hand-sewn, Brown (donor)


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