Project Type

URC Presentation



College or School


Class Year

Senior, Junior


English, Sustainability, Environmental Engineering, Business Management, Women and Gender Studies

Faculty Research Advisor

Dr. Erin Hale

Second Faculty Research Advisor

Dr. Cameron Wake

Third Faculty Research Advisor

Stacey Purslow


New Hampshire Farm to School (NHFTS), a nonprofit working to connect K-12 students across the state with local farms and food, wants to begin this work by addressing the racial inequities within its own programs more effectively. This would allow NHFTS to support members of the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) community throughout the food systems in NH. Stacey Purslow, NHFTS Program Coordinator, has created a sustainability dual major capstone project with four University of New Hampshire students with a mission to create recommendations for NHFTS to better incorporate racial equity in their programs, values, policies, and mission. The team researched Northeastern Farm to School programs to understand how they are promoting racial equity in their own states. After the initial research was completed, the team reached out and conducted interviews with FTS or FTS adjacent staff from these state FTS networks to gain a holistic understanding of each network’s equity practices. Research findings were comprehensively analyzed and turned into an appropriate list of recommendations for NHFTS to enact to better incorporate racial equity into its network.