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Biological Sciences

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Biological Sciences

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Suzanne Cooke


The purpose of this research project is to find a media type that will better promote antibiotic production in soil- derived bacteria. Currently, antibiotic resistance is a major issue in the healthcare industry. So, it is paramount that we discover new and more effective antibiotics.

In my Antibiotic Discovery class with Dr. Cooke, we learned through Tiny Earth’s protocols to streamline the discovery of antibiotic compounds produced by soil bacteria. Using this experience, I, along with my partner Bryanna, examined the effect of a total of 6 different polysaccharide media types on the level of antibiotic production in isolates from two different soil samples. My research focused on sweet potato, berry extract, and arrow root medias. Our hypothesis is that the competition for the polysaccharide resource will encourage bacteria to produce more antibiotic compounds to defend their resources.

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