Project Type

URC Presentation

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Class Year

Junior, Senior


Communication; Political Science


Communication, Womens' Studies

Faculty Research Advisor

Lyn Tjon Soei Len


This presentation used the concept of intersectionality as central to research on why poor and working class Women of Color and Single mothers tend to remain in lower socioeconomic situations based on the cultural and politically imposed time-binds of balancing family life and work commitments. Capitalism and systemic racism, often referred to as the ‘tools of the patriarchy’ are two mobility-prohibitive ways to retain a male dominated political system and economically subordinate WOC. This is especially because they do not have as much agency in the political process - intersectional underrepresentation at work. My presentation focused on how time-binds further stratify the equity gap between WOC of working classes and professional women with more inherited opportunities and political platforms within the socioeconomic contexts of the United States.

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