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URC Presentation

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Mechanical Engineering; Electrical and Computer Engineering


Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering

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May-Win Thein


Our capstone senior project, Quadsat, has been working on stabilizing quadrotors with the end goal of using them as platforms for studying satellite constellation flight. The project is multidisciplinary, and we incorporate computer science, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, and electrical engineering principles into our design. Our design incorporates a wide range of avionics, including radios, DC motors, electronic speed controllers, and various sensors, interfacing these electronics with mechanical components to form a fully autonomous system.

We have been focusing the main part of our effort on the controls that allow for altitude control and for stabilization, along with a side-project to achieve live video feed. We have achieved robust altitude control using fuzzy logic utilizing sensory input from an ultrasonic sensor. We have created a live video feed system which transmits camera footage via a 5.8Ghz frequency to either an LCD screen or a phone.

We have also focused on miniaturizing the system, with a final system which weights 638g as opposed to the 1220g of the original design, a reduction of roughly 50% of the weight.

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