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[Excerpt] “This paper examines the current wildlife laws, both federal and state, to determine what laws may apply to managing the feral cat population. It begins with a determination of how domestic cats are classified under these laws. Since many laws are vague, the intent of the legislatures is investigated to determine if domestic cats were meant to be defined as a nonindigenous species. The focus then shifts to indicate ways to control the feral domestic cat population. Current trends in the control of other nonindigenous species appear to revolve around public nuisance claims; however, due to the unique nature of domestic cats, these laws are poor candidates for managing the unwanted domestic cat population. On the other hand, given the recent increase in the enactment of leash laws, courts may be more inclined to apply public nuisance laws to cats.”"

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Shawn Gorman & Julie Levy, A Public Policy Toward the Management of Feral Cats, 2 Pierce L. Rev. 157 (2004), available at http://scholars.unh.edu/unh_lr/vol2/iss2/6

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