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[Excerpt] “This paper explores the impact of Justice O’Connor on the Court’s race and education jurisprudence, both in the context of primary through secondary school education and in public universities. Section II outlines Justice O’Connor’s biography and explores several external influences on the Justice. Section III reviews the Court’s race and education jurisprudence prior to Justice O’Connor’s appointment to the Court. Section IV exposes the Court’s jurisprudence in this area during Justice O’Connor’s time on the Court, with an emphasis on those opinions authored by Justice O’Connor. Section V offers an analysis of the aftermath of Justice O’Connor’s race and education jurisprudence, beginning with Section V(A) addressing the state of the law after Justice O’Connor’s majority opinion in Grutter v. Bollinger. Section V(B) discusses the Court’s race and education jurisprudence following Justice O’Connor’s tenure, primarily through an analysis of Parents Involved in Community Schools. Finally, Section V(C) hypothesizes the future of race-conscious decision-making in education and Justice O’Connor’s legacy through the lens of Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin. Section VI concludes this paper.”

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Kristina M. Campbell, From Grutter to Fisher: Is Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s Legacy in Danger?, 10 U.N.H. L. REV. 239 (2012), available at http://scholars.unh.edu/unh_lr/vol10/iss2/4