Marcel Filimon, University of New Hampshire, Durham


In the past few decades, the field of wireless communication has seen unparalleled growth. For university laboratories, keeping up with the latest technology and ensuring that their students acquire the necessary hands-on experience can be increasingly difficult. To make this task easier, we present a Software Defined Radio (SDR) platform that can be used as a learning tool for engineering and computing students.

The goal of this application, is to use Open Service Gateway Initiative (OSGi) to create a Software Defined Radio (SDR) development platform based on the GNU Radio software development toolkit. The proposed application platform is an integrated development environment that supports various Universal Software Radio Peripheral family products. The SDR platform combines the advantages of the Eclipse software framework with GNU Radio software addressing in this way more applications including radio frequency and communication system designs. By using OSGi, we reduce complexity by providing a modular architecture. The OSGi component model makes it easy to use many third-party software components in an application and it is designed to allow the mixing and matching of components. Because of its adaptability and scalability, the platform can be used as a communication infrastructure for various heterogonous devices (Internet of Things, network sensors, etc.).