Date of Award

Winter 2007

Project Type


Program or Major

Electrical Engineering

Degree Name

Master of Science

First Advisor

Andrew L Kun


Police officers have been using the Project54 system in their vehicles for years. However once they step out of the vehicle they lose access to in-car services. Our goal was to develop and test a new Project54 Handheld (P54H) software system which would grant access to in-car services outside the vehicle and to evaluate the potential usefulness of those services. For this purpose applications were developed to interface with the in-car Project54 System on a handheld device. We then comprehensively tested the P54H system and confirmed that it operates correctly. We first performed functionality tests on a laboratory mock-vehicle setup. Next, we performed stability tests on the P54H system. After deployment data was retrieved from three deployed handheld systems and quantitatively evaluated to identify the use of the P54H graphical user interface (GUI) and the P54H speech user interface (SUI). Feedback from three officers, in conjunction with retrieved data analysis gave a preliminary indication which services were most beneficial to officers.