Date of Award

Winter 2017

Project Type


Program or Major

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Degree Name

Master of Science

First Advisor

Nicholas J. Kirsch

Second Advisor

Kent A. Chamberlin

Third Advisor

Michael J. Carter


The ever expanding demand for wireless communications faces many challenges. As the necessity for wireless communications increases, inevitably, the impact wireless communications systems have on their environment will also increase. This is important because the environmental impact a communications system has may limit the locations in which that system can be deployed. For this reason, there is a demand for unobtrusive hardware in order to grow the wireless communications infrastructure. Furthermore, performance limiting factors associated with wireless communications can be mitigated by implementing steerable antennas, making a less obtrusive steerable antenna desired. The contribution of this work is the demonstration of a vertically-polarized transparent patch antenna array and a horizontally-polarized transparent patch antenna array for beamsteering applications. Details regarding element array spacing, materials used, parameters, simulated and measured performance values, and analysis of each array will be covered in this thesis.