Date of Award

Winter 2015

Project Type


Program or Major

Mechanical Engineering

Degree Name

Master of Science

First Advisor

Yannis Korkolis

Second Advisor

Brad Kinsey

Third Advisor

Marko Knezevic


The plastic anisotropy of Commercially-Pure Titanium (CP-Ti, or Grade 2 Ti) is probed with an extensive set of experiments, performed on a hot-rolled CP-Ti plate of 12.7 mm thickness. The experiments reported here are: 1) uniaxial tension at 15o angles to the rolling direction (RD) of the plate, 2) uniaxial tension in the thickness, or normal direction (ND) of the plate, 3) uniaxial compression at 15o angles to the RD, as well as in ND, 4) plane-strain tension at 15o angles to the RD, 5) plane-strain compression at 15o angles to the RD. A total of 30 experiments (and two repetitions for each) were performed for this research. The uniaxial tension and compression experiments involve standard specimen geometries, except for the uniaxial tension in the ND, which required the creation of a custom, miniature tensile specimen. A novel method for determining the stresses in a plane-strain tension experiment was devised using finite element analysis. The experiments reveal the plastic anisotropy and tension-compression asymmetry of CP-Ti. Furthermore, they are used to calibrate 3 commonly used constitutive models (yield functions). While not pursued here, it is expected that this improved understanding and representation of the behavior of CP-Ti can lead to improved numerical simulations of material response during manufacturing or service.