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Environmental Engineering


American Bench Craft produces hand-crafted American-made goods that include leather wallets, cardholders, belts, bracelets, etc. Their unique designs have a very specific focus on simplicity, which is the key to making their mission work.

Mission: Quality & Durability

Simple products are more durable. Less parts equals less susceptibility to failure. Simple designs and premium materials make their products truly built to last.

Mission: American Jobs

Their simple design concept allows them to manufacture right here in the USA, manufacture locally and utilize chronically underemployed populations. They are creating American jobs where they are needed the most.

Mission: Environmental Sustainability

The lasting durability of their products minimizes waste, and their simple, consolidated manufacturing process reduces their carbon footprint.

Mission: Scalability

Simplicity enhances the scalability of their mission by allowing them to manufacture their products on a large scale and spread their mission to the world.

In order to aid American Bench Craft in reaching their sustainability goals, a life-cycle analysis software called SimaPro™ and a decision making framework called the Analytical Hierarchy Process were used. These tools allow the company to be transparent about their environmental impacts and work to minimize their impacts in the most efficient ways possible. This research provides a strong foundation for the company to become a certified Benefit Corporation.

Date of Publication or Presentation

Spring 4-23-2014

Project Type

Undergraduate Research Project

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First Advisor

Kevin Gardner