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Polyamines are naturally produced chemicals in plants involved in growth, development and stress response. The primary objective of my study is to create a profile of changes in the entire life of the plant, in every organ at all stages of development from seed germination to seed formation. We have analyzed polyamines putrescine, spermidine and spermine in all parts of Brassica rapa, a small, rapid growing plant. Parallel to the polyamines, we will also study changes in the activities of the polyamine biosynthetic enzymes and the expression of their genes in different organs at different times. In the next stage of the study, the expression of selected genes will be inhibited by RNAi constructs, allowing further analysis of their role in growth and stress response. Because polyamines play are important in development and lifecycle of plants, altering their presence may be useful in altering plant growth patterns, such as in seasonal crops.

Date of Publication or Presentation

Spring 4-26-2014

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Undergraduate Research Project

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Subhash Minocha