We report on the simulation, construction and performance of prototype CZT imaging detectors employing orthogonal coplanar anodes. These detectors employ a novel electrode geometry with non-collecting anode strips in 1D and collecting anode pixels, interconnected in rows, in the orthogonal dimensions. These detectors retain the spectroscopic and detection efficiency advantages of single carried charge sensing devices as well as the principal advantage of conventional strip detectors with orthogonal anode and cathode strips, i.e. an N X N array of imagin pixels are realized with only 2N electronic channels. Charge signals induced on the various electrodes of a prototype detector with 8 X 8 unit cells are in good agreement with the simulations. The position resolution is about 1 mm in the direction perpendicular to the pixel lines while it is of the order of 100 micrometers in the other direction. Energy resolutions of 0.9 percent at 662 keV, 2.6 percent at 122 keV and 5.7 percent at 60 keV have been obtained at room temperature.


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