We report on recent three-dimensional imaging performance and detection efficiency measurements obtained with 5 mm thick prototype CdZnTe detectors fabricated with orthogonal coplanar anode strips. In previous work, we have shown that detectors fabricated using this design achieve both very good energy resolution and sub-millimeter spatial resolution with fewer electronic channels than are required for pixel detectors. As electron-only devices, like pixel detectors, coplanar anode strip detectors can be fabricated in the thickness required to be effective imagers for photons with energies in excess of 500 keV. Unlike conventional double-sided strip detectors, the coplanar anode strip detectors require segmented contacts and signal processing electronics on only one surface. The signals can be processed to measure the total energy deposit and the photon interaction location in three dimensions. The measurements reported here provide a quantitative assessment of the detection capabilities of orthogonal coplanar anode strip detectors.

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