During the first year of operation, the COMPTEL instrument on board the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory detected 22 γ‐ray bursts within its field of view. Spectra and time histories for the strongest 7 of these bursts have been obtained from both the main instrument (0.75–30 MeV) and the burst modules (0.1–10 MeV). The deconvolved photon spectra for the majority of bursts are fit by a single power law model with spectral index between −1.6 and −2.8. One strong burst, GRB 910814, exhibited significant curvature and could not be fit by a single power law model. A broken power law model with a break in slope at ∼2 MeV is a good fit to the time averaged spectrum of this burst. There is evidence, at the 2.8σ level, for a change in the break energy of GRB 910814, from above 2 MeV to below 1 MeV during the first 9 s of the burst.


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