The gamma‐ray emission of Seyfert galaxies has fallen far short of pre‐GRO expectations. No single object of this class has been detected by either COMPTEL or EGRET, and OSSE has detected only a fraction of the Seyferts expected. To derive a more stringent upper limit to the emission from these objects in the energy ranges 0.75 to 1 and 1 to 3 MeV, we have summed a large number of COMPTEL observations acquired during Phase 1 of the GRO mission. From a total of 47 observations of 23 individual X‐ray selected Seyfert galaxies, we derive preliminary upper limits of 8×10−8 photons/(cm2 s keV) in the 0.75‐1 MeV band and 1×10−8 photons/(cm2 s keV) in the 1‐3 MeV band.

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