The COMPTEL instrument onboard of the Compton Gamma‐Ray Observatory (CGRO) is sensitive to γ‐rays in the energy range from 0.75 to 30 MeV and to neutrons in the energy range from 10 to 100 MeV.

During the period of unexpectedly high solar activity in June 1991, several flares from active region 6659 were observed by COMPTEL. For the flare on June 11, we have analyzed the COMPTEL telescope data, finding strong 2.223 MeV line emission, that declines with a time constant of 11.8 minutes during the satellite orbit in which the flare occurs. It remains visible for at least 4 hours. We obtained preliminary values for the 2.2 MeV and 4–7 MeV fluences. Neutrons with energies above 20 MeV have been detected and their arrival time at the Earth is consistent with the γ‐ray emission during the impulsive phase.


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