After several years in orbit the COMPTEL experiment aboard the COMPTON Gamma-RayObservatory has collected a substantial amount of data from the MeV sky. We have used the inflight event data collected from the Crab, which is the brightest point source at MeV energies, to optimize our event selections for point sources. For the COMPTEL 10–30 MeV range we have derived a set of improved parameter selections, which leads to a reduction of background events and—at the same time—increases the number of source events, resulting in an obvious improvement in the signal-to-background ratio for point sources. Due to a revised cut on the PSD parameter a background reduction of ∼23% occurs. A narrowing and shifting of the TOF window results in a further slight (∼2%) reduction of background, however, also in a slight increase (∼5%) of source events. The revised event cuts improve significances of ‘real’ point sources in imaging analysis typically by ∼1σ.


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