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Spring 2018

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Clinical Doctorate

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Background/Local Problem: Seasonal migration of elderly patients to Lee County, Florida result in overcrowding and prolonged wait times in emergency departments. Many of these seasonal residents dissociate the management of their chronic health conditions with a local provider, therefore utilizing the emergency department for non-urgent needs. Purpose: The Seasonal Resident Navigator Program was intended to enhance the coordination of primary care services for elderly seasonal residents by establishing appointments with local primary care providers (PCP) in order to reduce the overutilization of emergency services and improve patient throughput. Methods: A residency and provider assessment tool was incorporated into the Healthpark Medical Center Emergency Department (ED) nurse triage workflow between November 2017-February 2018 in order to identify seasonal residents, age 65 or greater, without an assigned local provider and facilitate proper follow up appointments. Interventions: The percentage of all seasonal resident encounters at Healthpark Medical Center ED pre-and-post intervention were evaluated as well as the percentage of all seasonal residents that maintained their assigned PCP follow up appointment. Open commentary from patients was evaluated to identify perceived barriers from outpatient follow up. Results/Conclusion: The Seasonal Resident Navigator program will contribute to future trends in emergency department utilization and seasonal resident access to care through enhanced coordination between the acute care and primary care sector.