RISK: Health, Safety & Environment (1990-2002)

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Book Reviews


Reviews of the following books prepared by the editors of Risk on the topic of toxic tort litigation and/or public regulation of toxic substances:

Frank B. Cross, Environmentally Induced Cancer and the Law: Risks, Regulation and Victim Compensation, (1989).

Chemical Contamination and Its Victims: Medical Remedies, Legal Redress, and Public Policy (David W. Schnare & Martin T. Katzman, eds., 1989.

The Role of Science in Toxic Tort Litigation: Evaluating Causation and Risk: Drawn from Papers Presented at the TIPS Annual Meeting, August 1988, Toronto, Canada. Chicago, Ill: Tort and Insurance Practice Section, American Bar Association.

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RISK Editorial Board, Book Reviews1 RISK 185 (1990).