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"Kevin Kruger: The Expanding role of student affairs professionals in a changing higher education landscape" is a podcast interview with Kevin Kruger, president of NASPA, Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education. Kruger provides an overview of the student affairs profession and the many roles these campus professionals serve within higher education. In addition to responding to the needs of the traditional college student, Kruger discusses how student affairs professionals are supporting ‘post-traditional’ college students, an increasing demographic in higher education. He also discusses the role NASPA plays in professional development for campus professionals. Additionally, Kruger comments upon the critical role of student affairs professionals with regard to Title IX enforcement and policy and a commitment to educating students on important issues regarding sexual violence. Finally, Kruger discusses the student affairs professional’s role in encouraging civic engagement and career advisement.

Interview facilitation, commentary and discussion presented by Kathryn Dodge, Alison Griffin, and Elise Scanlon of Radio Higher Ed.

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Copyright © 2014 Radio Higher Ed . All Rights Reserved. Podcast Intro and Exit music by Won (FLT RSK) / CC BY-NC 3.0 Produced in conjunction with the Average Guy Podcast Network.

RadioHigherEd032F001.mp3 (928 kB)
The role of the student affairs professional (:59)

RadioHigherEd032F002.mp3 (1977 kB)
The effect of the ‘post-traditional’ student on the work of student affairs professionals (2:06)

RadioHigherEd032F003.mp3 (2886 kB)
The national tragedy of first-generation and low-income college students(3:04)

RadioHigherEd032F004.mp3 (1284 kB)
Professional development of student affairs professionals for emerging student issues (1:21)

RadioHigherEd032F005.mp3 (2382 kB)
Student affairs professionals at the center of supporting sexual assault and hazing issues (2:32)

RadioHigherEd032F006.mp3 (1517 kB)
Raising consciousness about how college students interact with each other in complex settings (1:36)

RadioHigherEd032F007.mp3 (2267 kB)
The challenge of aligning university policies with Title IX regulations (2:24)

RadioHigherEd032F008.mp3 (3011 kB)
NASPA’s Lead Initiative on Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement encourages civic engagement (3:12)

RadioHigherEd032F009.mp3 (1945 kB)
Student affairs professionals assisting students with career goals (2:04)

RadioHigherEd032F010.mp3 (1100 kB)
The impact of technology on life outside the classroom (1:10)

RadioHigherEd032F011.mp3 (757 kB)
Student experience improves with a co-curricular environment. (:48)

RadioHigherEd032F012.mp3 (6869 kB)
Analysis by Kathryn Dodge, Alison Griffin and Elise Scanlon (7:20)