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A Finer point with Marshall Hill: Significant progress in Reciprocity for Distance Education Regulation” is a follow up with Marshall Hill, Executive Director of National Council – State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (NC-SARA) discusses significant progress of the organization that insures institutional quality for distance education offerings across the states and regions. In January 2014 the initiative began. As of July of 2014, 7 states are full participants, legislation has passed in I4 additional states, 3 more states have legislation pending and 4 states have determined statuary changes are not necessary in order to participate in the NC SARA initiative. In order for an institution to participate, the state must have statutory authority to do so. The recent negotiated rules panel was not able to reach agreement on all proposed rules, therefore the department has the authority to rule on the matter as it will. Under the leadership of Ted Mitchell, undersecretary of education, who oversees post secondary education, the department has decided to take a “pause” on the topic of reciprocity for distance education. Presentations on the topic, and the value it has brought various states by Marshall HIl continues. It is hoped that by the end of 2015 40-45 states will have decided to participate.

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