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Participants in the Wakefield Buffer Project include SRPC staff, members of the Acton Wakefield Watershed Alliance (AWWA), local board and commission members, and the Wakefield Town Planner, Kathy Menici. AWWA members included: Linda Schier, Carol Lafond, Marge Kimball and Adam Soukimas. Town Staff included Joe Fluet (Planning board Chair) and Nancy Spencer Smith (Conservation Commission). The goals of AWWA are to educate and inform shoreland property owners about the harmful effects of erosion and uncontrolled stormwater runoff on water quality of its lakes and ponds. AWWA focuses their on- the-ground efforts to repair, restore and preserve healthy functioning buffers and to prevent erosion problems. This project addressed these goals by developing education and outreach materials for shoreland property owners in the communities of Wakefield, NH and Acton, ME. A Buffer Evaluation Form and Fact Sheet were developed for this purpose. Because of a change in direction for the project mid-year, SRPC staff intends to continue working with this group in January to refine the Buffer Evaluation Form and Fact Sheet to ensure that if meets the needs of AWWA. A final copy of these materials will be provided to NHEP when completed.


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