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The New Hampshire Estuaries Project (NHEP) commissioned The UNH Survey Center to conduct two surveys to assist in the implementation and evaluation of the 2004 NHEP Strategic Communication Plan. Both surveys were completed and the results are informing outreach activities. The attitudinal survey of the Planning Board members and Conservation Commissioners in coastal watershed communities suggested that there is moderate familiarity and awareness of the NHEP, with 57% of respondents expressing some level of familiarity with the NHEP. Respondents who live in Zone A seem to be much more likely to be familiar with the NHEP (13% are very familiar; 49% are somewhat familiar). Members of Conservation Commissions are also more likely to be aware of the NHEP (19% are very familiar and 45% are somewhat familiar). Awareness of the NHEP Management Plan is fairly low with 31% of respondents expressing some level of familiarity with the Plan. A majority of respondents have not seen the various materials sent to the planning boards and conservation commissions. Fifty-seven percent said they did not see the 2003 State of the Estuaries report and 61% did not see the impervious surface outreach package. Overall, 64% of respondents reported some degree of confidence (37% very confident, 27% somewhat confident) in the NHEP’s reporting of the status of NH's estuaries. Out of the 622 board members or commissioners in coastal watersheds (323 on planning boards and 299 on conservation commissions), 152 returned the survey, a response rate of 24%. Surveys were received from 41 communities, Rollinsford was not represented.


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