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The primary goal of the Natural Resources Outreach Coalition (NROC) program is to provide education and outreach to communities in the NH Coastal Watersheds that are dealing with the effects of growth, and looking for ways to conserve open spaces and natural resources. Program objectives to meet this goal include: 1. NROC and client communities determine natural resource concerns of the communities. 2. NROC and client communities gather community information about these concerns 3. NROC develops and client communities host community presentations about natural resource-based planning. 4. Communities receive follow up technical and educational assistance as requested. In 2006, NROC worked with two new client communities (Rollinsford and Fremont) to achieve the objectives outlined above. Both communities received NROC’s Dealing with Growtheducational presentation, customized for each community, followed by a series of follow-up meetings in each community to address issues raised in the presentation and community concerns about growth and natural resources. At the same time, NROC continued to work with four previous NROC communities (Wakefield, Deerfield, New Durham and Strafford). NROC worked with a total of six communities during the funding period.


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