The researchers present preliminary psychometric information on a recently developed measure—the Campus Community Readiness to Engage Measure (CCREM)—which was developed as a tool for campuses to determine their readiness to address sexual assault (SA) and relationship abuse (RA). Participants were 353 community leaders and administrators at 131 colleges and universities across New England. Factor analytic results demonstrated that the CCREM had three factors for both SA and RA: denial (the campus community is unwilling to acknowledge that SA and RA are issues for the community), initiation (the campus community is beginning to create efforts to address SA and RA and some community members are involved), and sustainability (the campus has high levels of engagement from community members and longstanding efforts to address SA and RA). Whereas there was fair to moderate agreement among raters within the same community on the sustainability and initiation subscales, there was poor to fair agreement among raters within the same community on the denial subscale. Although additional measurement development research is needed, preliminary data suggest that the CCREM may be useful to campus communities in helping to initiate prevention initiatives and implement services related to SA and RA.

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Violence and Gender


Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.

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