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This study examines the relationship between the acceptance and usage of pornography and its effects on college students‟ risky behaviors and family formation values. There was a total of 224 respondents at the University of New Hampshire who answered an Internet survey regarding their acceptance and usage of pornography, as well as participation in certain types of risky behaviors and family formation values. Results found that there was a significant difference between males (61.7%) and females (6.93%) who viewed pornography at least once a week. of. However, it was also found that more than half of both men (82.98%) and women (66.93%) say they at least “somewhat agree” that pornography is an acceptable way to express ones sexuality. Results found a significant relationship between both pornography use and participation in risky behaviors, as well as a significant relationship between pornography acceptance and family formation values. The discussion highlights both the strengths and weakness of the study, as well as a comparison of the results to the pioneer study done by Carroll et al (2008).