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Drug use has is a common form of deviance among adolescents. This paper focuses on the different ways that social institutions try to positively or negatively influence juveniles from becoming involved in drug use. I will provide evidence on school programs and give conclusions on the helpfulness of them. I will also write about the parent-child relationship and whether or not this is a main influence of substance abuse. Finally, the peer group will be analyzed to determine how much of an effect they might have. These three factors will be explored throughout the content of this literature review. By showing the effects of how family, peers and school programs influence drug and alcohol use, one will have a better understanding of why adolescents might or might not turn to these illegal activities.

For the purpose of this paper, the main drug I will be focusing on will be marijuana. My research question asks what the different ways that family, peers and school programs influence drug use such as marijuana among adolescents. Through research of scholarly journal articles, I hypothesize that I will find both negative and positive effects that all three groups will have on drug use by a young person.



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