Spring 2009

"Whatever sociology may be, it is the result of constantly asking the question, what is the meaning of this?" - C. Wright Mills

As we release the 14th edition of Perspectives, the University of New Hampshire's undergraduate journal for Sociology, we are reminded of how Sociology is intertwined with so many various parts of everyday life and current social issues. This edition is full of a variety of well written pieces demonstrating the incredible range available to Sociology students who have learned, or are learning, the skills necessary to transform seemingly abstract theories and thoughts into practical information and resources for any number of fields.

In this edition of Perspectives, a few areas of interest include; ADHD in college aged men, the financial impact on families who have children with disabilities, the effects of religion on Queer people, the effects of coaching styles in sports involvement on adolescents, and the changes involved in a college transition. Various other interesting topics are covered as well in the 17 submissions that are presented before you.

We would like to thank all the student authors who submitted work to this edition of Perspectives and the professors that worked with them. Also, Lynn Beaver and Deena Peschke in the Sociology Department office for all their assistance in assembling the Journal. Thank you to Professor Karen Van Gundy for overseeing the entire operation and to Skye Mackay, and Simon Spadaro-Bliss, both previous editors of the journal, for answering all our questions about the publishing process. Please enjoy.

Alexia Corbett, Heather Dean - Perspectives Co-Editors


Children and Healthcare
Catherine Arpin


The College Transition: What Changes, Who Changes, and Why?
Jacqueline Finnerty and Simon Spadaro-Bliss


The United States' Population as Portrayed on Television
Hannah Fleahman, Amber France, Tyrece Gibbs, and Mirielle Rouillard


Literature Review
Jaclyn Massey


Alexia Corbett
Heather Dean