Synonymies and Notes on the Reichenbachia of Eastern North America (Coleoptera: Pselaphidae)


New synonymies of Reichenbachia Leach from eastern North America are presented: Bryaxis bicolor Brendel (= R. subsimilis Casey); R. borealis Casey (= R. distans Casey); B. complectens LeConte (= R. dilatipes Schaeffer, = R. latipes Fletcher); B. divergens LeConte (= B. cribricollis Brendel, = R. furtiva Casey, = R. fusciventris Casey); B. gemmifer LeConte (= B. canadensis Brendel); B. gracilis Casey (= R. ursina Casey); B. litoralis Brendel (= R. turba Park); R. peregrinator Casey (= R. shenefelti Park); B. polita Brendel (= R. procera Casey, = pygidialis Raffray); B. puncticollis LeConte (= R. howdeni Park); B. radians LeConte (= B. trigona LeConte, = R. pluridentata Park); and B. tumida LeConte (= R. pattersoni Park). Male genitalia are figured for the species that have not been previously illustrated. Lectotypes are designated for R. subsimilis Casey, R. borealis Casey, B. complectens LeConte, R. furtiva Casey, B. gracilis Casey, and R. peregrinator Casey. The 33 species of Reichenbachia from eastern North America are listed with state and provincial records and are placed in the groups of Bowman, and R. rubricunda (Aubé) is placed as incertae sedis.

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Coleopterists Bulletin


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