Major histocompatibility (B) complex control of the growth pattern of v-src DNA-induced primary tumors


Observations that the major histocompatibility (B) complex is a determinant of the growth pattern of Rous sarcoma virus (RSV)-induced tumors raised the question as to whether control is exerted at the level of a v-src-determined, i.e., transformation-specific, function. To investigate this point, the tumor size scores and tumor profile indices of v-src-induced tumors were compared in two lines of chickens congenic for B complex genotypes. The finding that the growth patterns of tumors, induced by v-src DNA inoculation at 6 weeks posthatch, differ in these two lines establishes that the B complex exerts control over tumor growth at the level of a v-src-determined function. The potential importance of this control, in terms of the naturally occurring case of an avian sarcoma virus infection, is suggested by the observation that the patterns of tumor growth in a given congenic line are similar whether the tumors are induced by v-src DNA or by RSV.

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