No Advantage to Delaying the Introduction of Calcium Soaps of Palm Oil Fatty Acids to Early Lactation Dairy Rations


Holstein cows (n = 105, 39 primiparous) were blocked by parity (1 vs. >1) and assigned randomly at calving to receive supplemental Ca soaps of palm oil (2.9% fatty acids in dietary DM), commencing on DIM 1, 29, or 57 and ending on DIM 112. Effects on DMI, BW and condition score, and milk yield and composition were studied during 1 to 140 DIM. Control TMR contained 4.4% ether extract (mainly from corn meal and dried distillers grains with solubles), was fed using four grain to forage ratios, and, in early lactation, averaged 60% concentrate, 25% corn silage, and 15% wilted grass silage DM. Delayed supplementation of soaps did not promote higher dietary DMI. resulted in reduced milk fat percentage and yield, tended to decrease 4% FCM yield, and did not significantly influence milk protein content. Supplementation of soaps in wk 1 to 8 did not spare postpartum BW loss, hasten BW regain, or affect the normal change in body condition score. Ad libitum DMI and 4% FCM yield were significantly and negatively correlated (r = –.3) with the proportion of dietary CP that was ruminally undegradable.

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Journal of Dairy Science


American Dairy Science Association - Elsevier

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