Differentially expressed genes in aortic smooth muscle cells from atherosclerosis-susceptible and atherosclerosis-resistant pigeons


Susceptibility to spontaneous atherosclerosis in the White Carneau (WC-As) pigeon shows autosomal recessive inheritance. Aortic smooth muscle cells (SMC) cultured from susceptible WC-As and resistant Show Racer (SR-Ar) pigeons exhibit developmental and degenerative features corresponding to the respective SMC at atherosclerosis-prone sites in vivo. We used representational difference analysis to identify differentially expressed genes between WC-As and SR-Ar aortic SMC. Total RNA was extracted from cultured primary SMC of each breed, converted to double-stranded cDNA, followed by direct comparison in reciprocal representational difference analysis experiments. Difference products were cloned, sequenced, and identified by BLAST against the chicken genome. Six putative biochemical pathways were distinctly different between breeds with genes involved in energy metabolism and contractility exhibiting the most striking disparity. Genes associated with glycolysis and a synthetic SMC phenotype were expressed in WC-As cells. In contrast, SR-Ar cells expressed genes indicative of oxidative phosphorylation and a contractile SMC phenotype. In WC-As cells, the alternatives of insufficient ATP production limiting contractile function or the lack of functional contractile elements downregulating ATP synthesis cannot be distinguished due to the compressed in vitro versus in vivo developmental time frame. However, the genetic potential for effectively coupling energy production to muscle contraction present in the resistant SR-Ar was lacking in the susceptible WC-As.

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