Event planning, in many ways, is the same as any other project. Both have a valuable team, lists of deadlines, road bumps, and the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment when it is all over. One of the biggest events to plan is a wedding. Although every type of wedding is unique in its own way, the average wedding takes approximately twelve to eighteen months to plan. This can be a huge undertaking for many individuals who still keep to their regular schedules. This is where event planners come in. An event or wedding planner is a professional who assists with the planning process of a client’s wedding. The bride and groom are the customers while the event/wedding planner is the project manager. But what if the bride and groom happen to be event planners themselves? What better way is there to feel that overwhelming accomplishment than to plan your own wedding?

A video recording of this presentation is available here.

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College of Professional Studies Granite Division

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Spring 2021


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