The 157Air Refueling Wing at Pease Air National Guard Base was selected to receive the new KC-46A tanker at the same time as Active Duty. This concurrent fielding made history; before this landmark change, all new aircraft were field to all active-duty units first and then the air national guard. This project is the first of five initial projects programmed to beddown the KC-46A tanker. It needs to be completed first to allow sufficient time to train pilots and refueling technicians on the controls of the aircraft. I was assigned this project because the other Contracting Officer Representatives were already assigned to other projects. This project was a design bid build project. The programmed amount was under 5 million dollars; thus, the project was advertised to the pre-certified contractors. In my experience, projects awarded to the lowest bidder do not end well, and this project was no exception.

Project Type


College or School

College of Professional Studies Granite Division

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Project Management


Summer 2019


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