The project that I selected to work on is an event campaign designed to keep New Hampshire residents in state for higher education with specific interest towards attracting them to enroll at the University of New Hampshire. In response to the shift in enrollment demographics, the university administration’s central goals are to increase enrollment of New Hampshire students so that a majority of students are from within the state’s borders. Addressing the increasing problem of students looking out of state for post-high school education, this campaign brings students, faculty, and university officials to high schools and local communities to highlight the aspects of the university that academically and socially benefit a student’s pursuit of their goals. This campaign strives to shift the reputation and perception UNH has with students and parents across the state. As an ongoing project, we are subject to the shifts in demands and expectations that students have and the ability to access high schools and communities.

Project Type


College or School

College of Professional Studies Granite Division

Program or Major

Project Management


Spring 2020


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