Having a warm coat shouldn’t be a luxury. However, 2017 US Census data shows that for nearly 12.3% of Americans living in poverty, a winter coat is a budget “extra”. During the time frame of 2006-2010, nearly 2/3 of all winter deaths were attributed to excessive natural cold. Death rates are 2-7 times higher in low-income cities, such as Manchester, NH. The purpose of this project is to support the community of Manchester, specifically an organization called New Horizons, a non-profit food pantry and homeless shelter. This year New Horizons has given back to the community with 23,443 bed-nights in shelters, 73,444 meals, and 12,134 grocery bags provided by food pantry. This winter clothing drive will help eliminate death and contribute to support an extremely needed item for a small community. The overall goal of this project is to provide support and positivity by making a difference with donations.

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College of Professional Studies Granite Division

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Project Management


Fall 2018


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