The How’s My Driving program allows callers to report several types of incidents about the drivers or their vehicles to the company. Callers can give accident information, compliments, criticisms or courtesy information to the call center without contacting the location directly. The program promotes safety on the road and encourages professionalism for employees regardless of position. Communication and coordination is tough sometimes, especially within a company with locations all over the US and Canada. The How’s My Driving website project will create an automated process, as a replacement to an existing paper process, between several different user groups. The website was designed based on process flows and sends emails to the next group for action to be taken in the course of the incident. By automating the process there will be less environmental impact, fewer questions as to where the process is by the corporate office and provide additional auditing for the company, as well as an overall better experience for all user groups.

Project Type


College or School

College of Professional Studies Granite Division

Program or Major

Project Management


Spring 2016


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