Every city wants and needs a functional, reliable radio system that allows for interoperability across multiple departments. Improved radio communication will help with emergency responders, but also school officials, water department, traffic control. Throughout the course of an extreme event, it can be crucial that these resources have rapid and immediate communication channels. Implementing an upgraded radio system that allows for redundancy, interoperability, and scalability for performance updates over many years to come will benefit the departments as well as citizens and visitors to the area. Our consulting firm was tasked with researching the needs of the city, identifying the radio system requirements that would meet their expectations, and managing vendors to meet project milestones on behalf of the city. Although the pandemic caused significant delays and hurdles since project launch, we have begun forward progress again and look forward to continued momentum.

A video recording of this presentation is available here.

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College of Professional Studies Granite Division

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Project Management


Spring 2021


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