The project that I have chosen to utilize for my capstone assignment is a voluntary internal departmental effort to review and propose improvements to our project document close-out procedures. This project is an effort to build upon recent improvements in our data archiving storage. The project team consisted of representatives from Campus Planning, Facilities Maintenance Control Center and Facilities Project Management. The approach was to identify the functionalities available in current technologies implemented in the department, brainstorm for available efficiencies and procedural improvements and then develop a new process for implementation. The results have the potential to improve the quality of the information being provided while also reducing workload. One of the most tangible improvements will be the the way the documentation is searched. Demonstrations to maintenance staff have been positively received with quick consensus reached to move towards electronic, rather than hard copies as quickly as possible.

Project Type


College or School

College of Professional Studies Granite Division

Program or Major

Project Management


Spring 2016


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