New graduate nurses represent ten percent of the current nursing workforce and with the nursing shortage, retention of these nurses is key for sustaining and growing the labor pool. Furthermore, with almost twenty-five percent of new nurses leaving their positions within two years of starting, we must address the successful transition to practice. The move from student to graduate nurse can be stressful and difficult, but when combined with pandemic with reduced or no hands-on clinical experiences during their last year of school, there is greater pressure for organizations to provide orientation that addresses the specific needs of these new nurses. The proposed program was developed to deliver an orientation that cultivates the skills, competencies, and confidence easing the transition, while improving job satisfaction and reducing turnover in this population so vital to future staffing. The program may be expanded across the organization as the standard for new graduate nurse orientation.

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Project Type


College or School

College of Professional Studies Granite Division

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Nursing Health Care Leadership


Spring 2021