The purpose of this research is to provide an overview of dance therapy and to explore the impact of dance therapy on dementia patients. In 2050 dementia is expected to affect 13 million people and the upward spiral of change will continue (Mitchell, 2009). New research is still surfacing and investigates the impact of dancing on dementia, especially in a nursing care setting. The current research explores the effectiveness and impact of dance movement therapy (DMT) on how movement supports cognitive, emotional, physical, and social integration of a person. Challenges which surface note how the American Dance Association in fighting for an insurance code to bill DMT services against and to be acknowledged by Medicare/Medicaid services, the primary payer for adults. (Goodill, 2012). Further research is required for DMT on dementia patients in a nursing care setting, which requires increased state awareness and funds made available to nursing care settings for DMT and dementia research.

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College of Professional Studies Granite Division

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Fall 2018