Mindfulness meditation (MM) and flow state experiences (FSE) share psychophysiological and behavioral parallels. Rarely presented are evidentiary resources on MM and FSE that explore the similarities and differences through research to fulfill gaps in knowledge. One study proposed that MM and FSE are inherently incompatible with each other and could not exist in concert. Coupled with the similarities found in the behavioral, psychological, and social aspects of MM and FSE was the need for immersion of participants in research that would test the relationship. The research conducted an interactive experiment where participants participated in a computer-driven reflex game. The participants meditated and replayed the game. Afterward, the participants completed a qualitative self-report survey based on their experience. The experiment conducted by this author filled gaps in the knowledge of MM and FSE, providing proof that these processes can be manifested by individuals and groups.

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College of Professional Studies Granite Division

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Winter 2019