Where does the trademark user stand today? What should he do? Perhaps he should review all his labeling in the very near future to try to catch any heretofore missed improprieties therein. If he should miss one or two, however, will his valuable trademarks be regarded as ab initio invalid? Will they be cancelled, pirated away, refused enforcement or what?

in an attempt to answer those questions, it seems worthwhile to synthesize the law that has been heretofore covered, and, perhaps, try to condense it into a few meaningful principles by which the trademark user may be guided.

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Food Drug Cosmetic Law Journal

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This article was prepared by Thomas Field under the supervision of Professor James B. Gambrell, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for an L.L.M. at the New York University School of Law, Graduate Division. Field subsequently joined the faculty of the Franklin Pierce Law Center.

The article was also made available as Paper 13 of the Pierce Law Faculty Scholarship Series by NELLCO (nellco.org).,