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[Excerpt]: "INTRODUCTION: The Health Law and Policy Programs at UNH School of Law, Institute for Health Policy and Practice, and the NH Citizens Health Initiative have contracted with several of the New Hampshire Building Capacity for Transformation Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Integrated Delivery Networks (IDN) to provide technical assistance to the IDNs as they develop confidentiality tools related to substance use disorder services projects.

A UNH Team assisted the IDNs by providing an educational summary of federal and state confidentiality requirements, focusing on 42 CFR Part 2, and hosting IDN interdisciplinary teams in three Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Treatment Confidentiality Boot Camp sessions providing technical assistance to assist each IDN partner with their SUD confidentiality project goals. The “boot camp” consisted of several guided meetings with assigned homework to follow, leading to the ultimate development of processes, plans, and draft forms and policies to implement Part 2 confidentiality. The process incorporated learning from the Citizens Health Initiative’s existing New Hampshire Behavioral Health Integration Learning Collaborative.

The Project was implemented during half-day working sessions between May 15 – July 30, based upon the availability of IDN interdisciplinary teams and as arranged in collaboration with the IDNs. The IDNs committed to including project leaders with knowledge about and authority to investigate issues regarding projects, patient flow, and privacy. The project teams were multi-disciplinary. IDN participants were encouraged to review issues, forms, and ideas with their individual legal counsel at any point. The technical assistance provided as part of this project is not and does not take the place of legal advice."

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