[Excerpt] “In May 2016 I was sad to hear that Professor Karl Jorda had passed away. For twenty-five years, Karl had been my professor, while earning my LL.M. (IP) degree, as well as Faculty colleague, ardent supporter of the Library, and friend. For almost two decades, he made annual donations from his grand personal library. These materials, on the spectrum from continuing education practice monographs to exotic treatises on IP in foreign languages, helped add to the unique holdings of the IP Library. Upon retiring, he donated over a dozen cabinets of his papers, many are the foundation of the web collection of his works. The law school community was swift in expressing the loss; “Karl was a titan in the world of intellectual property law,” said Jordan Budd, Interim Dean at UNH Law. “He was also sincere and kind-hearted, and a tremendous mentor to our students and faculty. He left an immensely positive imprint on UNH Law. Everyone here is lucky to have called him a colleague and a friend.”

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IDEA: The Journal of the Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property

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