It seems like so many IP related Websites you visit invite you to join their free email list to keep you up to date. Sources span a wide spectrum including governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, consulting services, law firms, commercial publishers and more. These sources span the spectrum from free, to low fee to premium pricing. With all of this information overload and choices, how do you differentiate and choose news sources?

The goals of this article are twofold. Goal one is to present a survey of types and categories of IP news tools available to IP researchers. Since these tools change with time, goal two is to present strategies and approaches to consider when assembling your portfolio of news sources. I use the term researcher to include anyone looking for news, including lawyers, paraprofessionals, academics, students, corporate searchers and more. Some of this material may be "yesterday's news" for some and "breaking news" for others. My hope is that you will find value added in some tools and strategies.

Before I present the survey of tools, I want to propose some initial general strategies that might be helpful to apply as the detail of the tools unfold.

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IDEA : The intellectual property law review.

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From the series: Intellectual Property Research: Tools and Strategies.